Hallo wereld!

Welkom bij WordPress! Dit is je eerste bericht. Bewerk of verwijder hem om de eerste stap te zetten op jouw blogreis.

Published by Matti Groot (coaching psychologist)

I am Matti Groot, psychologist, integrative counselor and coach. My company is called Art of Change and is based in Amsterdam. You can also contact me for online psychological coaching via Zoom, in English, German and Dutch. My coaching is based on my experience as a coach, counselor and psychologist, but also on what I have learned as a scientific researcher, manager and business analyst in international business. People come to me for support in achieving their life goals, happiness, inner peace, friendships, love and a successful career, but also in overcoming existential dilemmas, insomnia, sadness, panic attacks, hopelessness, restlessness and fear. I learn many valuable things from each coachee that I can use in the following sessions, also with other coachees. Going on a journey together, compassionate and empathetic, that's how I experience it. In addition, I enjoy working as a freelance trainer at De Nederlandse Academie, an excellent training for professional coaches, integrative counselors and therapists.

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