Amsterdam Vondelpark, and globally online


I am an integrative coach, counselor and psychologist, who really enjoys creating a trusting environment where you can grow. I am specialized in special people, helping them to find balance in their lives, better relationships and inner peace.


As beautiful as life can be sometimes, being human means being confronted with doubts, uncertainty and sometimes feeling all alone in this world. My clients come to me after years of giving their all; and suddenly find that they want to make essential changes.


Instead of the traditional office session, we meet outside and take a walk. In a natural way, we create a safe space where anything can be said and everything is possible, where you change fundamentally and then choose how to move forward.

  • In Vondelpark Amsterdam, we walk and talk in English, German or Dutch
  • “Bad” weather can be tackled with a heavy jacket or umbrella‚Ķ
  • But I do have an office at Weteringschans, so that’s always an option
  • For people from all over the world, I offer Zoom sessions
  • I also have some availability for Westerpark


Integrative therapy is tailor made to suit your individual needs. I draw from my skills, tools and experience in various areas of coaching, counseling and psychology. Additionally, some clients appreciate my insights based on being a father or my years of experience working as a country manager and business analyst for a multinational.

First walk & talk (chemistry session) is for free.


True feelings

Because of Matti’s approach, I managed to get back in touch with my true feelings without shame or guilt; and that is very important to me.

Inner peace

After a session with Matti, I feel more inner peace and a certain lightness. I then take it with me in my daily life.

Enjoying life

Being used to a 80+ hour work week all my life, I thought I was depressed and predisposed never to experience pleasure in my life. I proofed myself wrong in that area. Thank you Matti.


My experience with Matti was very positive and fruitful. Matti is a careful listener who is experienced and knows what occurs on the office floor. We’ve been talking for over 1 year now and it allowed me to focus on the goals I liked to achieve. With each session we focused on the challenges at play, which allowed me to grow between sessions. As a result, I believe that Matti was an essential building block to my latest promotion.

Family bliss

As a workalholic I neglected my son and felt unable to deal with his anger. Now the relation is restored and my son and I go for walks.

Finding yourself

Being succesfull as a female VP of a large company, I felt something essential was missing and experienced deep sorrow and hopelesness. The coaching liberated me and now I travel the world following my true passions.
Art of change